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Sesa Goa

SESAGOA (189) - Price pattern says it is readying itself for a big up move  Support 175-170  Last hurdle 200-210 But above that upside target  290-300 in between resist at 260-270

Reliance Communications

RCOM (161) - Just click here to the see  post dated 15th July and as posted after made  high 151 on 17th July it corrected up to 106 on 28th Aug. (and this kind of  correction was not only expected (this expected  correction also mentioned in the same post) but warranted also because it moved from Rs.50 to Rs.151 that to non stop with in five months. and now mentioned upside target striking distance only 

Reliance Infrastructure

RELINFRA (408) - Posted on 10th Sep "Above 365-375 upside target 425-435 with in between resist at 397-402 after this post it broken 365-375 on 11th Sep. from there it moved up and made high 423 on 20th Sep and from there it corrected up to the mentioned in between resist of 397-402 (yesterday made low 399) Now no need to  change the already mentioned levels that is now support remain same at 402-397 Above that upside target  425--440 and now below  402-397 next in down side 375-365 and it seems already bottomed out  at 308 ( 21st June posted support 302-298 where as it made low 308 on 05th Aug)   and now decent rally is going on... so now if trade and stays above 425-440 next target 565-585

Tata Motors

TATAMOTORS (344) -   Above 320 up move only  and now trade above 355, upside target 374-384 and above that 415--435

Titan Industries

TITAN (244) - Already posted on 10th Sep "Above 235-240 upside target 265-270" whereas it went up to 247 on 11th sep and from there corrected  up to 220 and now once again moving up and now trade above 235-240 so now what is in ?  as posted above 235-240 up move only and now cross above 247-249 upside target 265--275

Zee Entertainment Enterprises

ZEEL (240) - Support 237-233 Above that upside target 260-266