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Nothing but PRICE & TIME observation

VISAKAIND (410.85) 

It moved up from 188 to 413 in less than 9 months.
It has not happened in the past, more than, 10 years,  now happened in less than 10 months.

When PRICE & TIME converge then only it happen. 


The following is the today's mail content regarding VISAKAIND to my annual members:

"Yesterday made high 413.85 (said target 410--420) 
so from 188 to 413 that means 120% absolute within 9 months 

just remembering, what was said on 30th Aug.2016, when it was @ 188
"Very much undervalued stock, 
Time has come to perform.  Ought to be powerful."

In the last 9 months price performance proved it right. now the market giving the value justification. 

still not matured 
trade above 410-420 target further extends to 455--465."
Can see in the below chart with our marking, how it performed in the last 9 months.

Like this, Several ideas are giving to the ANNUAL …