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NIFTY - one more confirmation in the chart

NIFTY (7655) - Last week only it closed below the neckline,that to way below the neckline, in the  weekly HEAD AND SHOULDER  pattern. so after this head and shoulder formation now expect next part is, going to form the remaining body. that means if it comes around 6300--6000, will be the whole body.  This is one more confirmation, that'll  ** CLICK THE CHART TO GET THE ZOOM VIEW. Note : Whatever i understand based on the price movement, i am posting it, based on my experience (please understand it is experience not intelligent) whether it will be going to happen or not, is not in my hand, because i am not control  any thing. BUT WHATEVER I WANT TO SAY , I WANT TO SAY IN BOLD because it is purely based on price, nothing but price. Unless price indicate otherwise, no necessity  to change the view ** Levels are already posted on 03rd June   and  follow up post on 02nd Sept.