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Tata Steel - Afternoon special update...

TATASTEEL (466 at 13:37 hours) - Posted on 31st March "Target and Resistance 392-397, But beyond that this round  Ultimate Upside Target 445-455"
As posted , as on yesterday it attacked the mentioned target of  445-455 (made high 454.70 and today as of now it made high  468 and now trading at 466
So now what next ? 
Now Support 455--435
Above that up move continue ,
 next upside target  535--555
in between minor resist at 500-505

LIC Housing Finance

LICHSGFIN (303) - Posted on 10th March "Hurdle 225--235, But trade and stays above that ready for mega up move, Target 277-282 &  293--300"
After this post, it broken and closed above the mentioned hurdle of 225-235 on 28th March only and from there upward movement started and as on yesterday it attacked the mentioned upside target of 293-300 and even closed above that also.

Now what next ? 

Last hurdle 300-310

But two consecutive positive close above that  then ready for  big up move 

if it so, then 310-290 become support 


with in between resist at 370-380


ITC (365) - Posted on 02nd Apirl "Support 350-345 , Above that upside target 375-380"

* As on yesterday it made high 369

so now mentioned target and resistance of 375-380  remain same and intact

now, even it may go up to 385 also 


But in case trade and stays above 385 
then 385-375 become support
 and ready for next big up move

for this next upside target  470-480

with in between resist at 432-442

Hero MotoCorp

HEROMOTOCO (2431) - Posted on 31st March "Last hurdle 2240-2280, But trade and stays above that ready for a very big up move  Ultimate upside target 3110-3150 in between resist at 2460-2490 & 2725-2750"
After this post , it hurdled not one time but two times  on 31st March itself and second time on 23rd April and both times it gave correction up to 150 to 180 rupees
At last,  on Monday (12th May) it broken and closed above the hurdle  (this reminder post, posted on 13th May also)
and yesterday it attacked the first target of 2460-2490 (made high 2488) and closed at 2431


So now all mentioned levels are remain same and intact. 

Heritage Foods (India)

HERITGFOOD (323) - Strong resistance 327-337
But trade and stays above that
 next upside target 380--400
and above that Ultimate Upside Target 440-450

Housing Development and Infrastructure

HDIL (82.55) - Support 82-80

Above that  upside target
  94.50--97.50  & 102-104

Havells India

HAVELLS (962) - Posted on 03rd March "Now support 770-750, Above that upside target 817-847, then next upside target 970-1000 & even 1048"

After this post, it made low 761 on the posted date itself and next day also(04th Mar.) From there upward movement started and yesterday it attacked the mentioned upside target of 970-1000 (made high 980) 

so now time being top out  any where between 1000---1050

Gujarat Fluorochemicals

GUJFLUORO (337) - Support 335-330
Above that upside target 365-370  &  395-405

Allahabad Bank

ALBK (102) -  Support 98 and last resistance 103 
But above that this  round  upside target  132-135 & 155-160
in between resist at  108-111-114

Andhra Bank

ANDHRABANK (73) - Above 71-72 ready for a big up move 
face last resist at 74-76 
But above that next upside target  90-92

Aditya Birla Nuvo

ABIRLANUVO (1151) - Above 1150-1170  next in upside 1250---1300

and shortly 1550--1600

Aban Offshore

ABAN (540) - Posted on 01st April "Ready for big up move, Any correction supports exists at 515-509 and worst case 493-488, and now trade and stays above 571-577,   this round Ultimate Upside Target 640-650"
* After this post, it exactly resisted at the mentioned resistance level of 571-577 (made high 574.80 on 03rd April, from there corrected up the mentioned support level of 493-488 (made low 490 on 30th April and once again 490.85 on 09th May), from there upward movement started and as on yesterday it made high 545.80.

Now What is in ? 
Resistance 564-577 (Already mentioned resistance slightly modified )
but  trade and stays above that in this round
 Ultimate Upside Target of 640-650 remain same

Already posted on 21st Feb itself,  it seems, marching towards 900-950 in the medium term.