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United Phosphorus - Evening Special Update...

UPL (276) - Today morning only gave the reminder about the post dated 15th April  and about its break out close of  218-224 ,
As posted today itself it zoomed by more than 20% in a single day 
So, already, it moved up from the mentioned  break out level of 224 to 276

and now mentioned,  Ultimate Upside Target of  335-355 remain same 

hereafter support exists at 276-266 & 247-243


SIEMENS (740) - 06th Mar. Posted upside target 805--855 whereas, repeatedly it made high 775 and from there corrected more than Rs.50/- , now trading at 740.

 What is in ? 
Now Support 735-725
above that upside target of 805--855 remain same

but trade and stays below 735-725,  next down side target 692-682

United Phosphorus


Hindustan Unilever

HINDUNILVR (580) - Posted on 28th Jan. "575-585 resistance only , But in case trade and stays above that next upside target 610-620"

** as posted it broken the resistance on 25th Mar. only and  attacked the mentioned upside target of 610-620 on 10th April (made highest high 619.80) and not only that hovering 610-620 level, almost  6 days and from there,fall started ,up to last Friday it made low 577.6 .

Now what next ? 
Support 580-570
if it so once again upside target 610-620
But below the support down side target 550-540