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AXISCADES Engineering Technologies

AXISCADES  (173) -  Support 150--140 Above that  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 260--270

Alstom T&D India

ALSTOMT&D  (450) - Hereafter any correction, Down side Support 400--380 ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET  650--680

Aban Offshore

ABAN (601) - Posted on 20th May as " above 650-640 ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 900--950 hereafter any correction(worst case),  down side support exists at 580--550" As posted , above 650-640 it moved up and attacked the mentioned target of 900-950 exactly on 08th July (made high 940), not only that,from there correction started and  it attacked our mentioned worst case down side target of 580-550 (made intra-day lowest low 533.65 on 25th Sept. and till now never closed below 550 even though in the last two months it is hovering around 580-550 levels)  ** now correction over and bottom formed    so already mentioned support of 580-550  remain same and intact  once again upside target 900---950 But in case trade and stays above 900--950 Next upside target 1330-1360