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MASTEK (383) - Going to Top out 418--438

Canara Bank

CANBK (435) - Posted on 05th Nov as "Now resistance 421-433
But above that upside target 492-504" 


After the above mentioned post, , not one time but three  times resisted at 421-433  level and fallen from there.
  First time, on 18th Nov , it made high 421.75 .from there it came down to 380 on 27th Nov. ,
 Second time, on 05th Dec , it made high 430.90, from there it came down to 392.70 on 10th Dec., 
Third time, on 12th Dec., again made high 430.90 , from there it came down to 390 on 17th Dec. 

and yesterday , at last , it broken and closed above the mentioned resistance of 421-433.


So now support 433-421

Above that already mentioned upside target of 492-504 remain same.


ARVIND  (267) - Posted on 15th Dec. as"Support  265-260 
below that next support 245-240" 

As posted, on 15th Dec, it made high 266.5 from there fall started and on 18th Dec it made low 242, not only that , from there it moved up and yesterday it closed 267 also.

now what next ? 

Above 265-260

next upside target 287-292
and above that 301-305


In case, now trade below 265-260 already mentioned down side target of 245-240 remain same.