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NF (5888) - Resistance 5970-5990
Support 5820-5800
But below that next in down side 5660-5640

Yes Bank


United Spirits

MCDOWELL-N (2621) - For this stock, Ultimate upside target posted on 13th Nov. 2012 itself still the mentioned  target of 3954 intact. 
 what is in immediate ?
Now, if hold above 2620-2600  once again going to retest the previous high
 so the target is 2780-2810

Larsen & Toubro

LT (815) - Support 810-800
but below that down side  764-754

Hindustan Unilever

HINDUNILVR (621) - Posted on 06th Sep. "Trade and stays above 618-628 upside target  663 and above that 683" as posted it attacked the mentioned target exactly (made high 685 on 19th Sep. and not only that from there fall started and last Friday it came back to the mentioned support level of 628-618 (Friday made low 616.25). 

now what next ? 
Recent price pattern shows it may be a broad sideways trading zone for the coming several months
macro trading zones are : 
Support 600-550   &  Resistance 700-750
and the micro trading levels are
Support 625-605
Resistance 665-685

Aurobindo Pharma

AUROPHARMA (200) - Already reminder posted on 25th Sep. and  reminded in twitter on 27th Sep.  and this is the embed
Aurobindo Pharma / it in watch list because now make or break level & if breakout happen,may break all time high
— MURUGAVEL (@murugavell) September 27, 2013

so Now as posted  Resistance remain same at 205-210
But trade and stays above that upside target  275--285

Bata India

BATAINDIA (850)  - Resistance 860-870 
But trade and stays above that upside target  910-930

Colgate Palmolive (India)

COLPAL (1217) - Now it is in Make or Break level
Trend decider  1210-1190 
so as such this is support if it hold expect once again 1400-1420
But trade and stays below that down side target  910-890
in between support around 1100 and around 1000 will be a trading phenomena ,so should accept that
But in case trade and stays below 1210-1190 down side completion at 910-890.

Sesa Goa

SESAGOA (189) - Price pattern says it is readying itself for a big up move 
Support 175-170 
Last hurdle 200-210
But above that upside target  290-300
in between resist at 260-270

Reliance Communications


Reliance Infrastructure

RELINFRA (408) - Posted on 10th Sep "Above 365-375 upside target 425-435 with in between resist at 397-402 after this post it broken 365-375 on 11th Sep. from there it moved up and made high 423 on 20th Sep and from there it corrected up to the mentioned in between resist of 397-402 (yesterday made low 399)
Now no need to  change the already mentioned levels
that is now support remain same at 402-397
Above that upside target  425--440
and now below  402-397 next in down side 375-365
and it seems already bottomed out  at 308 ( 21st June posted support 302-298 where as it made low 308 on 05th Aug) and now decent rally is going on...
so now if trade and stays above 425-440 next target 565-585

Tata Motors

TATAMOTORS (344) -  Above 320 up move only 
and now trade above 355, upside target 374-384 and above that 415--435

Titan Industries


Zee Entertainment Enterprises

ZEEL (240) - Support 237-233 Above that upside target 260-266

Aurobindo Pharma


Asian Paints

ASIANPAINT (485) - Posted on 11th Sep "Support 435-430 Above that upside target 490-495" as posted exactly it took support at 435 on 11th Sep. and hovering around 436-438   up to 18th Sep. and from there it moved up and Last Friday and yesterday it attacked the mentioned upside target of 490-495 (yesterday it made high 504.80 and closed at 485)
now what next ? 
It seems yesterday topped out. so hereafter resistance 500---525
it can correct up to 445-435
But in case trade and stays above 505-525 then ready for a next big up move 
if it happen, then, will post the next upside target, now as such nor require

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories


Bharti Airtel

BHARTIARTL (344) - Almost in the last one year it struck in a trading range of  Hundred rupees so any body want to play in this stock do it accordingly so now the range is 
Resistance 350--375
Support 300-275
Trade and stays above / below only next move otherwise this is the range to trade.

JSW Steel

JSWSTEEL (742) -Posted on 19th Sep. "Above 660-640 upside target 725-750" as posted as on last Friday it complete the up move when it made high 748. 
Now what next ? 
Going to top out 748---768 
and expect fall  minimum  717-708  and optimum  680-670
in case trade and stays above 748-768 only  ready for next up move that take it to 880-910

Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries

SUNPHARMA (566) - Face once again resistance at 575---595
but trade and stays above that next short term upside target   680-690
with in between resist at 625-635

Tata Chemicals

TATACHEM (248) - Resistance 250-255
But trade and stays above that upside target 292-302

Tata Communications

TATACOMM (186) - Support 183-178
Above that upside target 223-228
in between resist exists at 198-203

Ajanta Pharma

AJANTPHARM (761) - Already before bonus it went up to 1179 on 19th July and from there corrected up to 716 on 28th Aug. and now after 1:2 bonus, on ex-bonus basis, last Friday it broken the previous high when it made high 799. 
Now it seems going to top out at 825--845
But it case trade and stays above this level, next short term upside target 1090-1110

NF (6145) - on 16th Sep posted the upside target 6080-6110, yesterday gap up open and morning itself it made high 6117 (that is above the mentioned upside target) but afterwards it corrected but never go down below 6080 and intra day it repeatedly made low and took support 6080+ and afterwards it made high 6174.80 and closed at 6142
now what next ? 
so now support 6110-6080 
above that upside target and hurdle or even top out 6230-6260
But below the support next in down side 6030-6000 & 5940-5920


BANKNIFTY (11148) - Posted on 06th Sep. "target and resistance 10100-10255" this target attacked on 10th Sep and afterwards in the last three days it hold above 10100-10255 range and yesterday it zoomed to 11219
Today RBI policy
Hold  above 11025-10880 next upside target and  Top out  at  11800-12000
below 11025-10880 next in down side 10100-9900

NIFTY - spot an update

NIFTY (6115) - After seeing the recent movement that is from 5119 to 6142 that to with in 15 trading sessions, naturally everybody searching for the top out number.
but i don't see any particular number for top out. 
This top range is 7 years old  that is we are seeing this 6000+ range since 2007 on wards.
So now the target and hurdle 6200-6400

In case if real break out happen  then we may see  minimum upside target 7300-7400,  optimum upside target 8100-8300  and  Ultimate upside target 10300-10600

If the targets are so high, then we need big confirmation then only we can rely on the break out.
So if break and stays above 6200-6400 only, above mentioned upside targets are possible  (weekly and monthly close are must)
Otherwise this is the top out and/ or  may spike and touch 6594 (+/- 1 %)  and from there once again down ward journey going to starts... 
and as usual down side targets are 5525-5472, 5225-5175 and 4775-4725

NF (5931) - Day before yesterday  said here,  below 5920 first down side target 5750-5710 but it not at all come down below 5820 but  yesterday it broken 5920 and closed at 5931 so as said in the same post above 5920  already mentioned upside target of  6080-6110  remain same
(so technically yesterday itself, traded and stayed above  5920 so today gap up may be straight away the mentioned target (because of no tapering now news from FOMC )

Tata Steel

TATASTEEL (290) -   It seems Recent correction from 319 is over yesterday when it made low 285 
so now 290-285 is support above that once again go up to 320-325 
and in case trade and stays above 320-325 will gain more strength for up move...

Havells India




JSW Steel

JSWSTEEL (666) - Above 660-640  next in upside 725-750

NF (5862) - Yesterday it seems topped out formation happened
So today if not move beyond 5920 confirm the top out 
if it so then the first down side target 5750-5710
but trade and stays above 5920  already mentioned upside target of 6080-6110 remain same.

(any way this week volatile movements (assumption trading) going to happen because of  FOMC meeting and RBI any precise numbers may not hold. )



Bharat Petroleum Corporation

BPCL (318) - Support 312-306 
if hold then the upside target 344-354


BIOCON (327) - Support 327-323 
But trade and stays below that down side target 295-285
in between support at  312-308
NF (5876) - So on 13th Sep. also it took support at the mentioned support level of 5850-5825 and from there made high 5908 and  closed at 5876.
Support remain same at 5850-5825 and above that target and resistance 5940-5960 also remain same.
and now in case trade and stays above 5940-5960 next in upside  6080-6110

but Below 5850-5825 next support  5780-5750 also remain same.

Union Bank of India

UNIONBANK (124) - Support 125-120 above that upside target 142---152



Yes Bank

YESBANK (281) -As posted on 10th Sep. It resisted at the mentioned level of 305-320 (made high 314 on 10th sep) and from there already corrected up to 274 as on last Friday. 
now what next ? 
It seems correction over so now support 280---265 
above that  once again resist at 305---315
 in case trade and stays above 305-315 next in upside 385 & 420 

Cairn India

CAIRN (320) - Support  320-315 
above that upside target  340-345

Canara Bank

CANBK (227) - Above 220-215 upside target 248-253


As long as stays above 5200-5000 
then the ultimate upside target 6300-6500


DAX (^GDAXI) (8509) - As long as stays above 8500-8100

 then face hurdle 8900-9100

But above that ultimate upside target 12700


Dow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI) (15376) -

As long as stays above 14600-14200
 then the ultimate upside target 22100

S&P 500 (^GSPC)(1688) - 
As long as stays above 1610-1550
then the ultimate upside target 2485

NF (5860) - Posted on 09th Sep. extended upside target 5825-5850 and beyond that  5940-5960 as posted it attacked in the last two days (in the last two days high was 5955) and from there yesterday it fell down to 5825 (that is previous resist become support)  and closed at 5867
so all mentioned levels are remain same 
that is 
now support 5825-5850 and  below that 5780-5750
upside resist remain same at 5940-5960 ( in case it if trade and stays above that in intra-day then will update via twitter)
sum : 
5960-5940   <<      5850-5825    >>     5780-5750
now this is the trading range if move beyond only next move. 

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