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GOLD - now, come to the bubble stage and to be ready for bust ?

GOLD ($ 1852) -   The following Post was posted on 22nd Feb. 2009 regarding Gold   " GOLD may going to bubble (target $1800 to $2400 it is possible if it trade above $1200) with in 12 to 18 months period and after that bust like CURDE OIL"   Below is the GOLD weekly chart. After the above mentioned Feb. 2009 post, It took more than one year to break and close above $1200 (it closed above $ 1200 in May 2010) and from there, it started the northward journey and this week it attacked the mentioned target range when it made a high $ 1881 (it happened with in 15 months )  Recent momentum shows now we are entering the bubbling stage. In this stage,  it may spike even up to  $ 2400 . and it is going to be a high degree of momentum and high degree of volatile. But the ultimate result will be going to crack vertically. It may happen with in three to six months (the fall may be $500 to $ 1000 from the high(whatever the high) and exact levels going to post at latter stage) Be