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Tata Elxsi

TATAELXSI (659) - Posted on 20th Dec. 2013 for Positional "Hurdle 365-375, But two consecutive close above this,  Ultimate upside target 645-655."

As posted Break out happened on 30th Dec.2013 (two close condition met) After that it gave correction and made lowest low 347  on 20th Jan 2014 and took support and from there it moved up and yesterday it attacked the mentioned upside target (made high 667.80).

Within 31 trading sessions it moved from 347 to 667 
that is 92 % return, that to, in less than 2 months.

So this is one more Jackpot, posted target hit, with shortest time frame.
Now what next ? 
As for as i am concerned, mega up move is already over. 
Now, whatever moves above 645-655 is bonus only

So now if hold above 645-655
then up move continue to 687-697 & even 742-762
Otherwise correction going to starts...

Bharat Forge

BHARATFORG (390) - Posted on 05th Feb.,when it was trading at 338 as "Support 330-325, Resistance  350-355, but trade and stays above that next in upside 385-390"
after this post it made low 338 on 05th Feb and yesterday it attacked the mentioned upside target (made high 394) 

now what next ? 
Going to top out between 405-415
But trade and stays above that ready for another big up move If it happen, will post the upside target.  

BASF India

BASF (783) - Support 780---720
Above that upside target 1020---1080

Tata Steel

TATASTEEL (351) - Posted on 03rd Feb "Below 375-370 down side target 345-340" as posted it attacked the mentioned down side target (made low 340.70 on 03rd Mar.)
as posted, second time target attacked and second time, took support also  and it seems ready for up move 
so now support 345-340 
above that once again up side target 370-375

Tata Chemicals

TATACHEM (287) - Resistance 285--295
But trade and stays above that upside target 327-337

State Bank of India


Punjab National Bank

PNB (565) - Posted on 27th Jan "trade and stays below 578-588, weak only , for this down side target 558-554, and  below that fall continue to 518-512"
** As posted it came down and attacked the mentioned down side target on 31st Jan (made low 509) and from there, it is moving up.
Now what next ? 
Resistance 570-580
 But above that upside target 610-620