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Aurobindo Pharma

AUROPHARMA (768) - Posted on 12th June as " if trade and hold above 682-692, next upside target 740--760"  As posted it traded and closed above 682-692 on 12th June itself and once again retest the support on 23rd June (made low 684) , from there up movement started and attacked the mentioned upside target of 740-760 on 25th June itself and next day(26/06) it went up to 782 from there corrected up to 728 on 01st July and now trading at 768." *** now what next ?  Downside Support  730-720 and trade above 780-790  next in upside 822-842  & 884-904 *** Once again repeat the Note.:  This stock pattern indicate ,  it is marching towards 4 digit figure in the medium term.


APOLLOTYRE (211) - Posted on 20th June as " Support 194-189" as posted it took support at the mentioned level on 20th June itself (made low 187.65 but closed at 192.20) ,from there up ward movement started and as on yesterday it made high 217.2" Now what next ?  Resistance 218-222 But trade and stays above that  next in upside 235-241

Alembic Pharmaceuticals

APLLTD (305) - Target and Resistance 312-320 & 333-343 But above that  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET  402-412

Apar Industries

APARINDS (285) - Hurdle 280--300 But trade and stays above that  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 443--483