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Mangalam Drugs And Organics

MANGALAM (256)  Below marked chart itself shows importance and influence of Operational Force. This is one more example

be patient

Investment/Trading is not a skill that only a few can learn. It is about making an extra effort and remaining patient, consistent, and logical at all times.


Image said move beyond 7679 is bonus / it seems bonus point ended @ 7749 — Murugavel (@murugavell) March 29, 2016 / 7679 means this round of up move completed , in case if move beyond, take it as bonus / now at 7679 — Murugavel (@murugavell) March 21, 2016 NIFTY - time-being top out 7600+ (probable number 7679) , correction ought to be slow and steady. it may be up to 7300+ to 7200+ — Murugavel (@murugavell) March 10, 2016

Global crude steel production in February 2016


Yokohama Rubber to acquire KKR-owned Alliance Tire Group

NEWS  Fri, Mar 25 2016  :  The Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd has agreed to buy Alliance Tire Group, a Netherlands-based company led by Indian entrepreneur Yogesh Mahansaria, for $1.2 billion from private equity firm KKR & Co. Ltd. Yokohama Rubber, a Japanese maker of passenger-car tyres, will purchase all shares from KKR and other parties and expects to complete the acquisition by 1 July, according to a statement released on Friday. T he deal is valued at about 2.2 times Alliance Tire’s annual sales and more than 12 times its operating profit for the 2015 fiscal year. INDIA LISTED TYRE STOCKS :  NAME MARKET CAP SALES 2015 NET PROFIT 2015 MC to S MC  to NP APOLLO TYRE 8918 12785 978 0.70 9 BALKRISHNA INDS 5992 3780 489 1.59 12 CEAT 4348 5592 299 0.78 15 GOODYEAR INDIA 1115 1579 101 0.71 11 JKTYRE 1930 6125 253 0.32 8 MRF 1498


In the previous post of performed stocks list, sugar stocks are the top most gainers, in fact , it is not surprised one (at least for me) but  it was expected and  anticipated. Holding the sugar stocks in the last 10 years is not the matter but when the momentum starts after a long consolidation/congestion , whether we  bought and hold in this momentum is the matter because this is the cream, which must be capitalize  and we also know that these momentum can't sustain very long period also. The following text was sent as a mail to some of my privileged people  on 15th Nov. 2015 itself. The text starts with.... As for as Sugar stocks concerned, NSE alone almost 26 stocks listed. In general, there is no individual character for sugar stocks , all sugar stocks behave wholesome in up move and   in the same way, down move also they behave wholesome only. So the general pattern and movements are  look like PSU bank stocks.  In U.S., S ugar moved up from

Current Up move review

O n 29th Feb.,  NIFTY made low 6825.80 and yesterday it made high 7713.55 that is 13 % rise from the low.  In the same period, the following stocks are moved up in double digit : If your stocks are not  in the below list, either your stock is strongest one or weakest one among the listed stocks. *** In % up moved order :  DWARKESH 86.67% UPL 17.62% PARRYSUGAR 81.32% EXCELINDUS 17.52% THIRUSUGAR 80.58% DONEAR 17.52% RAJSREESUG 74.47% HEG 17.52% RAMKY 73.42% TATAMTRDVR 17.42% SASKEN 71.25% BROOKS 17.36% USHAMART 68.35% AXISCADES 17.33% DHARSUGAR 66.45% UGARSUGAR 17.32% OUDHSUG 65.26% TECHM 17.32% KESARENT 60.19% PUNJABCHEM 17.29% DALMIASUG 60.13% SAKSOFT 17.28% MUKTAARTS 54.32% ALANKIT 17.28% UPERGANGES 53.91% JUSTDI