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BANKNIFTY (10896) - See the post dated 08th Oct., as posted exactly it took support at the mentioned support level of 9950-9750 (made low 9947 on 09th Oct.), from there it moved up and exactly attacked the mentioned upside target of 10880-11025 (made high 11091 on 25th Oct.). So more than 1075 points that to with in 11 trading session. 

What next ?
Even though it seems not topped out here as per the price movement  but the target of 10880-11025 is resistance only 
and beyond that up side target and resistance may extend up to 11200-11400
in case trade and stays above that next upside target  12750-12950
So if not move beyond the mentioned resistance  of 10880-11025 & 11200-11400
then the down side target once again at 9950-9750
so the sum is 
12950-12750 << 11400-11200 & 11025-10880 >> 9950-9750
Once again the same footnote : In between the above mentioned  levels, it may zig zag it is nothing but noises. but based on the day movements(intra-day price and volume moveme…

Adani Enterprises

ADANIENT (194) - Posted on 21st Oct about its upside target of 205--220 and as posted it attacked mentioned upside target level (made high 213.65 on 24th Oct) and from there last Friday it fell down to 192.55. 
So it complete the full round from the posted support of 140 + to 210+ and now correction is going on.
what next ? 
As posted target and resistance 205---220 remain same 
and now trade and stays below 190 fall continue to 180--170

Cairn India

CAIRN (314) - Below 323 weak only 
and now if trade below 313 down side target 290-287