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10 years and 1 year

In the last 10 years , 
three times supported at 45+ 

In the last 1 year ,
three times resisted around 80

Once come out of this resist, 
expect a big  move. 

A mid cap

A decent mid cap company ,
 Once cross 70--73 ,
 expect significant up move in medium term.

India celebrates 70th Independence Day on 15 August 2016: Here's the history and significance of the day

India celebrates its 70th Independence Day on 15 August 2016. The country became independent from British colonialism on this day in 1947. The day is celebrated with great  fervor  across every state of the country, 

History and significanceThe history of  Indian Independence is laced   with the struggle and sacrifice of many leaders and revolutionaries of the country. The story of India's colonisation began with the arrival of the British East India Company to the country in the 1600s. The merchants who came to trade with India soon began to exercise military and administrative control and by 1757, they had huge swathes of the country under them. Resentment against the alien company and its unfair rule over the local populace began to grow and in 1857, the first organised revolt against it took place with a group of Indian soldiers rebelling against the British rank in the Barrackpore, Bengal unit. Referred to as the Great Struggle of 1857 (the British called it the Sepoy Mutiny), t…