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NF (6228) - in the last 8 days it is breaking both side but not fulfilling the target and once again it is happened yesterday also.
but already mentioned  levels are remain same  and no change in it.

support6220-6190  and  6150-6140
Above that already mentioned short term upside target of 6570-6600 remain same.
in between resist at 6330-6360
---- But below the mentioned support, next in down side 5990-5960

Housing Development Finance Corporation

HDFC (839) - Resistance 842-852
But above that upside target 922-932
NF (6105) - Above 6190-6220 break out happened but failed in the bud itself  so unable to fulfill the upside target 
and now trading below the mentioned support  so now it becomes resistance and already mentioned down side target remain same. that is 

 Resistance 6140-6160  & 6190-6220
below that down side target 5990-5960

Ajanta Pharma

AJANTPHARM (840) - On 23rd Sep. itself posted about its next move. now repeat the same, nothing new.

hereafter support 800-780
and trade and close above 825-845
next short term  upside target 1090-1110
in between resist at 980-1010


BANKNIFTY (10896) - See the post dated 08th Oct., as posted exactly it took support at the mentioned support level of 9950-9750 (made low 9947 on 09th Oct.), from there it moved up and exactly attacked the mentioned upside target of 10880-11025 (made high 11091 on 25th Oct.). So more than 1075 points that to with in 11 trading session. 

What next ?
Even though it seems not topped out here as per the price movement  but the target of 10880-11025 is resistance only 
and beyond that up side target and resistance may extend up to 11200-11400
in case trade and stays above that next upside target  12750-12950
So if not move beyond the mentioned resistance  of 10880-11025 & 11200-11400
then the down side target once again at 9950-9750
so the sum is 
12950-12750 << 11400-11200 & 11025-10880 >> 9950-9750
Once again the same footnote : In between the above mentioned  levels, it may zig zag it is nothing but noises. but based on the day movements(intra-day price and volume moveme…

Adani Enterprises

ADANIENT (194) - Posted on 21st Oct about its upside target of 205--220 and as posted it attacked mentioned upside target level (made high 213.65 on 24th Oct) and from there last Friday it fell down to 192.55. 
So it complete the full round from the posted support of 140 + to 210+ and now correction is going on.
what next ? 
As posted target and resistance 205---220 remain same 
and now trade and stays below 190 fall continue to 180--170

Cairn India

CAIRN (314) - Below 323 weak only 
and now if trade below 313 down side target 290-287


ITC (342) -  expect big movement today 
Trend decider 342 
Below 342 , down side 332 and afterwards 308
Above  342 upside 356 and afterwards 380

Dabur India


Century Textiles & Industries

CENTURYTEX (283) - Above 275-270 ready for big up move 
even though it may face resist at 290 & 300
but it is marching towards 330-335 & 370-380

Berger Paints (I)

BERGEPAINT (231) - Readying for a big up move But before that it have to face two resistance 

one at 235-240 and above that 255-260
In case trade and stays above that, then it become support, for this, upside target 325-330
in between resist at 283-288

Kotak Mahindra Bank

KOTAKBANK (717) - Resistance 725-730
 but above that upside target 775-780

Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services

M&MFIN (280) -  Hurdle 285-295
But in case trade and stays above that  upside target 355-365

Reliance Industries

RELIANCE (913) - Hurdle 925--955
But in case if trade and stays above that, then ready for mega up move.
Will post the target, when it happens...

Reliance Industrial Infrastructure

RIIL (335) - Support 330-325, Above that upside target 382--392


WIPRO (506) - Already posted here, about its mega break out, as such now holding above the Breaking Point.
 Today Q2 result 
No change in the mega break out target,  now the question is how it is going to react after results ?
If not break 500-490  immediate upside target 527  & 540-550
in case if break 490 then next support exists at  473-468

Yes Bank

YESBANK (359) -Posted on 03rd Oct. "Support 280 and  trade above 298-302  upside target 325-330 and above that 370-380"
As posted it traded above 302 on 03rd Oct. itself, from there it moved up to 354 but corrected from there and took support at the mentioned level of 325-330 (made low 326.35 on 17th Oct.), now once again moving up and as on yesterday it made high 360.70
as posted earlier, now the upside target 370---385 remain same 

Zee Entertainment Enterprises


Asian Paints

NF (6210) - From 04th Oct on-wards posted here, upside target and resistance 6190-6220, as posted already resisted at   6193 on 15th Oct., from there corrected  also but on Last Friday it moved up once again attacked and crossed the above mentioned resistance when it made high 6224 and closed at 6210.
now what is in ? 
On 15th Oct. itself posted here , "above 6190-6220 next short term  upside target 6570-6600" -- so now support6220-6190  and  6150-6140
Above that already mentioned short term upside target of 6570-6600 remain same.
in between resist at 6330-6360
---- But below the mentioned support, next in down side 5990-5960

Tata Steel


Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries

SUNPHARMA (632) - recent correction over and reversal started on last Friday.
so now support 620-615 and once cross 645-655 next in upside 680-690
Always said : One of the Best Continuous Performing Stock for the Past 10 Years. that performance still going on....... 

Maruti Suzuki India

MARUTI (1469) -  Now face resistance 1490-1510
But trade and stays above that next in upside 1634-1666

Mahindra & Mahindra

M&M (883) - Reminder post, posted on 11th Oct. and mentioned upside target 909-929 remain same.

and now if go beyond 909-929 up move continue to 967-979

Jindal Steel & Power

JINDALSTEL (256) - Once again face resistance 260-270
but above that upside target 302-312


ICICIBANK (1009) - as posted on 11th Sep. next up move conformation only trade above 1010.
now immediate support at 1010-990 and immediate resist at  1065-1085
but above that upside target  1235-1255

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

DRREDDY (2460) - Already posted on 24th Sep. itself and  mentioned upside target 2780-2800 remain same. 

now above 2475 in between resist  2585 & 2640

Axis Bank

AXISBANK (1156) - Face resistance 1160-1180 
But trade and stays above that next in upside  1340-1360

Adani Enterprises

ADANIENT (175) -  Regarding this stock, tweeted several times in the last one month  and  Given below  are few tweets embed regarding this stock : 
1 ) ADANIENT readying for a big up move
— MURUGAVEL (@murugavell) September 23, 2013
2)  @murugavell ADANIET regarding this, already tweeted on 23rd Sep and now once again remind / minimum target 175-180 and go even beyond that .
— MURUGAVEL (@murugavell) September 29, 2013

So from 23r Sep. on wards tweeting regarding this stock and that time it was trading at 140+
and as on Last Friday it made high 177.90 and closed at 175.35
 what next ? 
now trade above  180 then 180-170 becomes support 
and  upward movement continue to 205--220

Google Inc.

GOOGLE ($ 1011)  - Posted on 19th Aug. 2012 About its support , Break out and Target. Click here to see the post. 
Breakout  price of $ 777 broken on 08th Feb 2013  and from there it is moving up and  Yesterday alone it zoomed 13 %(made high $ 1015) now it can give correction and correction target  910-890
But as Posted on 19th Aug 2012 the Ultimate upside target $ 1247 remain same and intact. (this target, going to attack after correction or even without)  *****

below is the weekly chart ,click the chart to get the zoom view 

Oriental Bank of Commerce

ORIENTBANK (147) - On going fall going to take  Support 144-140
but in case trade and stays below that down side target 123-120

Supreme Industries

SUPREMIND (384) - Yesterday it made new all time high 
so now Support 380-370
above thatupside Target 450-460

Tata Consultancy Services

TCS (2108) - Posted on 7th Oct "Resistance 2070-2090 But trade and stays above that next in upside  2260-2280" 
as posted it broken 2090 on 09th Oct., from their it moved up and almost (not exactly,even though the difference is Re.1/-) attacked the mentioned upside target of 2260-2280 (made high 2259 on 15th Oct.),not only that, yesterday, from there it crashed up to 2096.
now what next ? 
already mentioned resistance now it becomes support 
that is now support exists at 2090-2070

Titan Industries

TITAN (241) - Trading range  230 ---250
But above 250 upside target 270
and Below 230 downside target 210

Union Bank of India


Tata Communications



WIPRO (510.60) - Posted on 14th Aug. about its mega up side movement and at last last Tuesday it closed above the mentioned hurdle.
 Now mentioned hurdle of  490-510 becomes support 
and mentioned targets are remain same and intact. 

Note : then and there corrections come and go, it is part of the trade only 

Century Textiles & Industries


HCL Technologies

HCLTECH (1161) - today Q2 result
Resistance 1180-1210
but above that already mentioned upside target of 1440-1460 remain same.  (this Positional target posted on 08th March 2013)

JSW Steel

JSWSTEEL (788) - Already posted on 7th Oct. About its ultimate upside target of 880-910 it remain same.

now what is in  in between ? 

Immediate support 786-781
and once cross 802-806  then last  resist at 820  above that next in upside 844-854


Facebook, Inc

FACEBOOK ($ 49.51) - Regarding this stock, last update was on 16th Sep.2012, that to about it bottom out at  $17+  and about its up side target. 
Now after one year this is the new update. Recently it  made high  $50+ and afterwards  gave correction up to $45+  and from there, now it is moving up.
what is in ? 
As long as stays above $ 45+  face last hurdle $56-58 But above that  upside target $ 72+

NF (6143) - On 04th Oct itself posted and once again reminded on 10th oct
Above 5990-5960  upside target 6190-6220 
mentioned target and resistance  remain same at 6190-6220 
But in case trade and stays above that next short term upside target 6570-6600
Note : will post in between resist latter on.

Larsen & Toubro

LT (876) -   Posted on 11th Oct "Above 845 up move to 896-911" on posted date low was 850 and yesterday it made high 894.
posted target almost attacked 
now what next ? 
Posted target and resistance of 896-911 remain same

but trade and stays above that up move continue to 1002-1024

Karur Vysya Bank

KARURVYSYA (350) - Resistance 350-360
But trade and stays above that upside target 400-410

Canara Bank

CANBK (244) - Posted on 16th Sep "Above 220-215 upside target 248-253" after this post, on 17th Sep it made low 216.50 and from there it moved and exactly  made high 254 on 20th Sep. and from there corrected and once again took support at the same level of 216 on 25th Sep. and again on 30th Sep. and from there it moved up and yesterday once again attacked the mentioned upside target of 248-253 (made high 250.20).
Yes, 16th Sep. posted levels are in simple term,  But it behaved exactly  not one time but two times. 
 what next ? 
Now resistance remain almost same at  253-256
But trade and stays above that next in upside  285-292
If not move beyond 253-256 once again down side target 220-215
Note : now once again levels are in simple term only 

The Federal Bank

FEDERALBNK (326) - Resistance 328-338
But trade and stays above that next in upside 366-376

Tata Coffee

TATACOFFEE (1107) - Resistance 1120-1140 
But trade and stays above that upside target   1315---1365


ESCORTS (97) - Two Positive Close above 92-94 (already one positive close above 94 happened on last Friday)
Ultimate short term upside target 138--148
It may resist and give in between corrections (it is part the trade) at  108-112  & 128-132