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Bharat Heavy Electricals

BHEL (179.4) - Posted on 16th Dec. "now the support exists at 153-149"  as posted it took support at 153 not one day but three days (that is on 16,17 & 18th Dec.)
From there it moved up,  yesterday, once  again, it attacked the mentioned  first upside target 175-180 (Yesterday high 181.20) 
so now  all levels are remain same 
that is if trade and stays above 175-180 next upside target 200-210 (this target, already mentioned on 02nd Dec itself)

Just Dial Limited

JUSTDIAL (1418) - Resistance 1435-1455
But trade and stays above that next upside target 1790-1810


The Ramco Cements

RAMCOCEM (190) - Resistance  190-193 
but trade and stays above that upside target 222-226

Oil India Limited

OILINDIA (485) - Above 485-490 face last resist at 499-505
but trade and stays above that next upside target 564-570

JSW Steel


Bank of India

BANKINDIA (236) - Face resistance 240-245
But trade and stays above that next upside target 283-288

Everest Industries

EVERESTIND (160.65) - Now Support 158-153
Above that upside target 187-192

Apollo Hospitals Enterprise

APOLLOHOSP (938) - Posted on 17th May "now it seems going to top out at 1110-1130"
on the posted date itself , it went up to 1098 and from there, fall started and the fall was arrested at 801 on 20th Aug. and from their on wards, it is consolidating between 950--800 levels  

now what is in ? 
Face resistance 950-970
But trade and stays above that, next upside target 1080-1110

Accelya Kale Solutions

ACCELYA (786) - Hurdle 750-800
But two consecutive positive close above this level
then the  Ultimate upside target 1500-1600

Century Enka

CENTENKA (158) - Hereafter support 154-144
Above that upside target 198-208

Bajaj Electricals

BAJAJELEC (205) -  On going rally target and resistance 220--240
But trade and stays above that next round of rally going to start..
for that Ultimate upside target 315--335

R. S. Software (India)

RSSOFTWARE (197) - Hurdle 200--220
But trade and stays above that short term upside target 310-330

ALERT : Low Volume Stock 

United Spirits - MCDOWELL

MCDOWELL-N (2526) - Support 2500
But trade and stays below that down side target 2350-2300

Liberty Shoes

LIBERTSHOE (156) - In the last five day, it zoomed from 98 to 160 
now what is in ? 
in this round ultimate upside target 210--220
in between resist at 175-180
if at all any correction, then the down side support 135--125

The Karnataka Bank

KTKBANK (113) - Posted on 02nd Dec. "Support 103-101,upside target 125-128"
after this post, in fact, it broken the mentioned support on 12th Dec. from their it corrected up to 97+ ,  once again it crossed and closed above 101-103 on 20th Dec., from there it is moving  up,   yesterday it made high 113.80.
so mentioned up side target of 125-128 remain same.


RAYMOND (294) - Now support 292-282
above that upside target 322-332
But above that mega break out going to happen 
Ultimate upside target 470--490

Ranbaxy Laboratories

RANBAXY (467) - Resistance 470-480
But trade and stays above that then the upside target 640-660
in between resist at 560-580

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

GLENMARK (542) - Posted on 29th Nov. about its double bottom at 490 and for this, posted upside target  570-580
as on last Tuesday it made high 548 so now mentioned upside target of 570-580 is due. 

Century Textiles & Industries

CENTRUYTEX (302) - Last Tuesday it was up by 13%  (this much of  rise in a single day happened after more than one and half years, last time it was on Mar 2012 )
But the levels are already posted on 23rd Oct itself. Click here to see it and there is no change in that levels. 


BIOCON (471) - See the post dated 19th Dec. "as posted exactly it took support at 427 on 19th Dec. and last Tuesday it attacked the mentioned upside target of 470-480 (made high 486)

So Posted target and hurdle 470-480 remain same
But Now, Two consecutive positive close above 470-480
next short term Ultimate  upside target  690---740


APOLLOTYRE (100.90) - Make or Break  100-103
So this is HURDLE but trade and stays above that ready for MEGA UPSIDE TARGET 

Ultimate upside target 144-148

Aban Offshore

ABAN (373) - Posted on 26th Nov. "support 340-320, Above that next upside target 480-500"
After this post it came down and took support at 340-320 level not one day but almost 7 days ( that is : from 16th Dec. to 24th Dec.) and on Tuesday it moved up and upper freeze at 373
so now mentioned target of 480-500 remain same and intact. 
*** Click the below chart to get the zoom view 

Supreme Industries

SUPPREMIND (423) - Posted on 18th Oct. "Support 380-370, above thatupside Target 450-460"

After this post it came down to 366 on 28th Oct (that day, it closed  at 373 so support maintained) and from there it moved up and this month on 12th, it made high 464.95 (on that date closed at 459). so mentioned target attacked perfectly, not only that, from there correction started and up to last Tuesday it made low 419.
Almost all of my posts, Before going to give the future expected movements, I am giving this kind of price movements history, with my respective previous post link,
 the purpose is not to impress any body, I, EMPHASIS, ANY BODY, 
but to educate the readers and readers to know, that,  In positional calls, if you enter at the right price,  then sit tight (don't FEAR), until the target reach or respective Support or Resistance broken on closing basis  and  at the same time, don't hesitate to book profit at the given target (don't  be GREED)

now what next …


BEML (234) - Regarding this stock, posted on 05th Oct. itself and afterwards several reminders were posted here and via tweeter 
and yesterday it made high 242 and closed at 234
all mentioned levels are remain and intact. 

Canara Bank

CANBK (277) - Posted on 26th Nov. "support 237-234 and trade above 249-253 once again upside target 292-302 with in between resist at 280"
after this post, it took support at 234 on 26th Nov and from there exactly went up to 280 on 09th and 10th Dec., and from there corrected up to 243 on 18th Dec. and yesterday once again made high 280.
so now all levels are remain same.

Housing Development and Infrastructure


Indiabulls Housing Finance

IBHULHSGFIN (240) - Posted on 20th Nov."Resistance 230-235 But trade and stays above that next upside target 290-295"

after this post several days it repeatedly resisted at 235 and yesterday only it broken and closed above that
so now support 235-230
above that already mentioned upside target of 290-295 remain same.

Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services

M&MFIN (326) - Posted on 22nd Oct. " Hurdle 285-295 But in case trade and stays above that  upside target 355-365"
after this post it broken the hurdle on 29th Oct., after that, several days, it repeatedly took support at 285-295 level, yesterday, it attacked the mentioned upside target of 355-365 
(yesterday exactly it made high 356.50 and not only that, from their, yesterday itself corrected up to 325)

Now support 312-306
upside target and resist remain same at 355-365

National Buildings Construction Corporation

NBCC (155) - Resistance 155-160
But trade and stays above that upside target 194-199
above that next upside target 215-220
and afterwards Ultimate upside target 290-300
ALERT : Low Volume Stock 

Oriental Bank of Commerce

ORIENTBANK (229) - Posted on 09th Dec. "Above 210-205, upside target  245-250 in between resist at  226-230"
after this post it went up to 237, from there corrected and once again took support at 210-205 level on 16th & 17th Dec and yesterday once again made high 232.60
now above 226-230 already mentioned upside target of 245-250 remain same 
and if it trade above 245-250 up move continue to 270--280

Talwalkars Better Value Fitness

TALWALKARS (160) - Now Support 160-156
Above that last resist exists at 171-175
but trade and stays above that short term upside target 221-231

United Phosphorus

UPL (188) - Posted on 18th Nov. "trade and  stays above  168-172, next upside target  219--239, with minor resist at 182-185"
As posted it broken 168-172 on 09th Dec. and as on yesterday, not only, attacked minor resist of 182-185 but closed above that also.
so now marching towards 219 & 239
and above that short term upside target 335--355

DHFL - Evening Special Update...

DHFL (222.95) - The following post was posted today Morning only  "Resistance 190-195 But above that upside target 220-225"
As posted today morning around 10 a.m. it broken the mentioned resistance of 195 and around 2.45 p.m to till end session it was upper freeze at 223.40 So Target attacked in a single session
that is 15 % return from the resistance break out level, that to in a single day.
Now what next ? 
above 220-225 going to face last resistance at 240--250
But above that short term ultimate upside target 340-360

Hexaware Technologies

HEXAWARE (126.90) - Hold above 124 upside target 137

GMR Infrastructure

GMRINFRA (23) - Hereafter support 20-19 (As long as hold above, then ready for decent up move in the short term)
and Resistance 24-25
But above resistance next upside target 34-35
and above that ultimate upside target 58-60


ESCORTS (137) - Posted on 14th Oct. "Above 92-94 , short term upside target 138-148" as posted , last Friday it attacked exactly 138.25 .

 so from 94 to 138 within 2 months (that is more than 45 % return)

time being target and resistance of 138-148 remain same.

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

DRREDDY (2512) - face resistance 2545-2585
But above that upside target 2780-2800


DLF (163) -Posted on 02nd Dec. Click here to see the post.
as posted not one time buy two times it took support 152-149 and 
now as long as hold this support, mentioned upside target remain same and intact.

Dewan Housing Finance Corporation

DHFL (186) - Resistance 190-195
But above that upside target 220-225

Bharat Forge


Bata India

BATAINDIA (1025) - Posted on 20th Nov "Support 990-970, As long as stays above that short term Ultimate upside target  1280-1300"
after this post it went up to 1083 on 29th Nov, from there corrected up to 982 on 18th Dec. (that is : exactly took support at the mentioned support level)
so support remain same at 990-970 and now marching towards 1080-1090
and once cross 1080-1090, next in upside 1180-1190
and afterwards already mentioned ultimate upside target of 1280-1300 remain same.


HATHWAY (290) - Now resistance 300-310
But above that ultimate upside target  420-430
in between resist at  385-390

Alstom T&D India

ALSTOMT&D (190) - Resistance 193-198 
But trade and stays above that next Upside target 217-223
But mega break out going to happen above 217-223 If it happen, will post the mega upside target 

Larsen & Toubro

LT (1061) - Support 1060-1040 
Above that upside target 1150-1170

Mahindra & Mahindra



MASTEK (157) - Last Friday, it was up by more than 16%  (with up normal volume) 
now if take support at 152 and trade above 162 
upside target and Hurdle 180--190 
But in case hold above 180-190 then short term  upside target 265--275

Reliance Industries



MINDTREE (1532) - Posted on 22nd Jan.2013 "Hereafter support 746-726, Above that Ultimate Upside Target 1796-1816"

The above post was posted,  when it was trading at 790+  and after this post it came down to 750+ and day before yesterday it made high 1577 so still mentioned upside target of 1796-1816 is due.

So within 12 months it is already doubled but still to go..