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NF (5066) - no change in levels
Down target  and Support 5010-4990
now upside resistance 5088-5098  and
Hurdle  5150-5180 and 5220-5240
COALINDIA (317) -  Posted on 29th aug "below 360 down target 300-295"
in oct it came down to 315 and made pull back now again come down to 315
now below 315-310 come down to 300-295 and below that 280 also.

BF Utilities

BFUTILITE (427) -  Posted on 11th nov "trade below 475 down target 445" yesterday even it trade below also (made low 421)
now last hope 410-400
But trade and stays below that it go down to 270-260

Bata India

BATAINDIA (653) - Already double topped at 730-740
from there, fell down to 650
now  once again come down 620-610
but trade below that ultimate  down target 490-480
in  between support 560-550

Axis Bank

AXISBANK (1008) - Already non stop fall happened from 1154 to 998 in the last five days.
now if it take support between 990-980, then it making  inverted head and shoulder pattern that warrented  up move from here.

But in case, if not, then going to break the recent low of 945 and marching  big down  side...
Down side targets  are 866 ,823 and ultimate may be 696.

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