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MANAPPURAM  (76.20) -  On 18th March Posted , when it was trading at 35 and said as  "In Jan & Feb 2016 market meltdown. several stocks crashed 20 % to 70% from their high in this crash, But few stocks not panicked and  this is one among them even in this price dividend yield comes around 5% " *** After the above post, it came down to 33.70 on 28th March and last Monday, that is on 04th July ,  it made high 81.70. That means, It gave absolute return of 142% in less than 4 months.   Lot more happened, in several stocks,  during this 4 months, which were discovered & used.   but not posted here. Journey continue... *** Can understand in the below chart,  how it was moved up. (click the chart to get the zoom view)