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Ashoka Buildcon - Remembering the 1st post of 2015

ASHOKA (197.55) -  This was the 1st post of  the year 2015 , posted on 1st January 2015  So for, more than 600 post was posted here in this year. Now just remembering and reviewing the first post of this year.  *** On 01st Jan. 2015 posted as " ASHOKA  (139) -  Support  137-134  &  126--120 Above that upside  Target 190--200  & 225--235" After this post, it came down and made LOW 132.60 on 06th Feb and from there it went up and made HIGH 212 on 23rd Dec.( during this year, it swung two times between 150--200)  and now at 197+. So roughly it gave 50% return in this year. **** Below chart explain even better (click the chart to get the zoom view) Day Chart  MONTH CHART  ***** Now what next ?  Based on the current move ,  Potential to move up 260--270