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Financial Technologies (India)

FINANTECH (975) - As reminded on 14th Sep . Last Friday , it attacked  the mentioned upside target of 975 (made high 979),  Now what next ?  Ready for another big up move  Hereafter support 960-930  If it hold above that next attack in upside 1045-1065 and afterwards ultimate upside target 1350-1370

Titan Industries

TITAN (261) - Posted on 11th Sep. "Above 238-241 upside target 263-266" as posted last friday it attacked  the mentioned upside target (made high 262.70). As posted in the same post , Now Resistance 263-266  but if it trade and stays above 263-266 then ready for a big move For that, short term upside target 318-326 in between resist at 285-295


WIPRO (381) - Trade above 384-387 upside target 414-418 Downside support 370-366