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NF (6303.75) - Already posted on 03rd Dec. Itself "Support 6240-6210, Above that upside target  6370-6400 and afterwards  6490-6520"

In the last two days, that is on 05 & 06th Dec it is holding above the 6240-6210 level only 
so now upside target remain same at 6370-6400
 and above that 6490-6520 also remain same. 
in case trade and stays above 6490-6520 upside target extended to 6780-6800

Bank of Baroda

BANKBARODA (684) - Target and  resistance 706-718
but above that upside target 825
in between resist at  760-770


ICICIBANK (1143) -This is post of  21st Oct. "now immediate support at 1010-990, but above that upside target  1235-1255"
After this it came down to 1003 on 29th Oct from there it moved up to 1140 on 1st Nov., from there corrected and once again took support but this time at 995.70 on 13th Nov. from there now it is moving up and as on last Friday it made high 1147.60
so mentioned upside target 1235-1255 is remain same and intact. 
the target may extend even up to 1280-1290 

IRB Infrastructure Developers

IRB (99) - Posted on 01st Nov. "Support 79-77, If hold above that upside target 106-108"

as posed on 01st Nov itself moved from 80 and made high 99.80 on 05th Nov so target not hit but it corrected up to 81 and from there it is moving up and as on last Friday it made high 101.95 
so now mentioned upside target of 106-108 is due
and now above 106-108 up move continue to 117-120


NMDC (143) - Resistance 145-149
but trade and stays above that upside target  170-174

Oriental Bank of Commerce

ORIENTBANK (211) - Above 210-205 
upside target  245-250
in between resist at  226-230

Punjab National Bank

PNB (597) - Now trade and stays above 600
upside target  660-670  & 695-705

Reliance Capital


Reliance Industries

RELIANCE (867) - Face resistance 880-890
 but above that upside target 925--955

State Bank of India

SBIN (1860) - Already posted on 05th Nov. itself and now once again repeat the same : 

Now 1860-1830 become support 
If it hold this support, then, the up ward movement continue
for this, upside target  2075-2125
in between resist at 1970-2000

SKF India

SKFINDIA (660) - Hurdle 700--740
But above that upside target  990--1030
ALERT : Low volume stock

Yes Bank

YESBANK (391.9) - Posted on 02nd Dec. "Now Support 362-358, Above that upside target 400-405 & 424-430

As posted as it is moving up, Last Thursday it made high  398.75, so mentioned target of 400-405- & 424-430 is due..

and above that up ward movement continue to 505-515

Hitachi Home and Life Solutions (India)

HITACHIHOM (155) - On going rally resistance 165--175
But  above that,  break out, 
for this next upside target 242--252