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Ashoka Buildcon - Remembering the 1st post of 2015

ASHOKA (197.55) -  This was the 1st post of  the year 2015 , posted on 1st January 2015  So for, more than 600 post was posted here in this year. Now just remembering and reviewing the first post of this year. 

On 01st Jan. 2015 posted as "ASHOKA (139) - 
Support  137-134  &  126--120

Above that upside
 Target 190--200  & 225--235"

After this post, it came down and made LOW 132.60 on 06th Feb and from there it went up and made HIGH 212 on 23rd Dec.( during this year, it swung two times between 150--200)  and now at 197+.

So roughly it gave 50% return in this year.


Below chart explain even better

BGR Energy Systems

BGRENERGY  (133) - Above 130-125 next in upside 147-153

But above 147-153  next attack 194--198

Devangshu Datta: When muddling along is strategy

India is facing deflationary conditions and that changes the paradigms for both lenders and borrowers. Neither India Inc nor the government has much idea how to deal with them
Indian investors have experienced a washout during the last nine months. Market indices have fallen about 15 per cent from the all-time highs hit after the Budget. Corporate revenue and earnings growth have been negligible. Exports have fallen even though the rupee has lost ground.

Sentiment has been hit as the impasse on the legislative front has continued, with session after parliamentary session ending without movement on the goods and services tax (GST) bill, among other things. Most investors are also coming to terms with the fact that the government is apparently not serious about meeting stated aims like disinvestment targets (which will be missed by miles), or ensuring a pullback on harassment caused by retrospective taxation (the Cairns case, for example). There are also signs of internal dissent with acc…

NIFTY - technically speaking... REMINDER

NIFTY  (now @ 7903) -  Just remind the post dated 12/12/15 , click here to see the post details.

After this post, it retested  7551 on 14th Dec. 2015 and now trading at 7903

Eveready Industries India

EVEREADY  (298) - Now face resist 310-315
But above that 
upside target 370-375


ARVIND (339) - Last Hurdle 345--360
But trade and stays above that this round 



kwality limited

KWALITY  (142) - Three years before (when it was trading at 33+), that was on 29th Nov. 2012 posted here as  "After a crash from 214 to 25 and after that, consolidation of nearly one year  now it seems ready for a rally, So now Support  : 35_25 Target  :  98-108"

After three years now it is trading at 142
At the price of 25--35 no market attendance but now it got the market attendance because it moved up almost 4 times  in the last 9 months ,


Now what next ? 

now  this attraction itself may enough to lift the price up to 200--230

and afterwards may go even up to 440

Tata Elxsi

TATAELXSI (2261) -  Regarding this stock, First tweeted (when it was trading at 1847) on 24th Nov as
TATAELXSI (1847) - AFTER TWELVE WEEKS , YESTERDAY MOMENTUM STARTED... — Murugavel (@murugavell) November 24, 2015

and posted here (when it was trading at 2032) on 01st Dec as "Above 2025-2000
Upside Target 2315--2370" 

So for yesterday it made high 2305 

So the mentioned

 target and resist of 2315-2370 remain same.


In case trade and stays above that  then ready for next round of up move.

for this, can expect,

Jet Airways (India)

JETAIRWAYS  (630) - In the last three months. it is moving up continuously, already it moved up from 283 to 636, almost non stop, even though it seems over bought in short term (because of that any time some jerk may happen) but first macro trend reversal already happened. 

Immediate support exists at 613--593 and above that  marching towards 647 & 687
But above that ready for another mega up move 
 upside targets 820--840 ,  915--935 

BF Utilities

BFUTILITIE (636.) - Posted on 01st Dec as "Face Resistance 625--655
But above that 
Upside Target 858--878"

After this post, it went up to 662 on 18th Dec and corrected up to 612 and yesterday closed at 636+) 
All mentioned levels are remain same and intact. 

NIFTY - technically speaking...

NIFTY (7610) - Yesterday low(7575),  near about the recent low of 7540 (08th Sep.).

Now we are facing two possibilities

The First Probability :
   Topped out at  9119(4th March) from their, fall started and Bottomed out at 7540 (08th Sep.) and pull backed to 8336 (26th Oct.) and now near about or nearing to retest the previous low. Retest means near about the previous low of 7540 (can allow roughly 50 points here and there) that means 7590--7490. If hold this level, then we can assume that the overall correction is come to an end and we are readying for next leg of uptrend that may last another 18 to 30 months and may test 10400--10800.

The Second Probability :

If the previous low of 7540 break decisively  (In down side, can allow roughly 50 points, that means, 7490),
 the first down side  7225
 and next down side 6750 ,
 if not hold this level ,  then next level in down side 6425-6325

Note : Most of the market participant may like the first probability and   may hate the second probabil…



PNB (129.05) - Support 123-119  But below that next in downside 80--75

PSB (37.35) - Last support 36.50--33.50
But below that next in downside 19--16

SBBJ (522) - Support 512-502
But below that next in downside 475--460
and afterwards 355--325  & 285--275


SBIN (231.95) - Support 235--215
But below that next in down side  192--180  
and afterwards 146--138

SBT (402) - Support 383--363 
but below that next in downside 260-250

SYNDIBANK (86.45) - Support 78--74
But below that  next in down side 61--57  &  46--43


UCOBANK (43.50) - Below 48--44 weak only
last hope 40-38
But below that downside target 22--18.



ALBK (69.45) - Below 72 next level in  down side 65-64 and afterwards 39--36

ANDHRABANK (63.15) -  Support 60-58 but below that next level in down side 47  and afterwards 35-33

BANKBARODA (160.25) - Support 155-153 But below that next level in downside 140-136  and afterwards 103--98  &  86

BANKINDIA (116.90) - Below 126--132 next in down side 83--78 and afterwards 45--42

CANBK (247.65) - Below 250-260 next in down side 209--189 and afterwards 144--134

CENTRALBK (69.50) - Support 60--58 but below that  next level in down side 44--42

CORPBANK  (40.80) - Below 45 next in down side 31-30  and afterwards 20--18

DENABANK (40.95) - Below 48--42  next in down side 24--20

IOB (30.70) - Below  39-36  down side level 17--14

J&KBANK (79.55) - Support 77 but below that next  in down side level  65--60