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NIFTY - spot an update

NIFTY  (7913)  - See the post dated 20th Sept. 2013 about the detailed update regarding this big up move.
So as posted, now the Optimum Upside Target  8100-8300
and  expecting time being top out at this level.
Expect the Exact number 8248

and Today tweet embed : 

NIFTY - It is second attempt above 7808, But this time, it is holding above that last 5 days. So now the target is 8130-8150 --- 8190-8210
— MURUGAVEL (@murugavell) August 23, 2014

PAY PER CALL subscription service OFFER

Receiving so many mails from the readers and traders of this website, regarding subscription service offer. Honestly, I am not in a position to service on day to day basis to all the subscribers. Because, apart from giving calls in the website and twitter (that, anybody can browse and use it freely), I am serving few big F&O traders, on one to one basis that itself take my whole market time. 
In that situation, I try to do something for the request of subscription service, so that, decided to give few positional calls, of course, for a price, charging per call basis.

Why this Offer :
Almost, most of the markets participants are have only limited funds to park in the market, even though; they may be rich by their net worth. In that scenario, most of the traders are doing intra-day or concentrating too many stocks at a time but most of the times, they ended loss and sometimes make profit but ultimately ended losses only. If you are, in that category and want to change it, then the solu…