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NIFTY - an update...

NIFTY (8610) -  Last update was on 03rd June as "Upside Resistance 8450-8500
Down side support  8000-7950
trade and stays below that 

Above was posted, when it was trading at 8236, After this post, it made intra-day lowest  low 7940.30 on 12th June (from 11th June to 16th June, that means, four trading sessions it was holding between our mentioned support of 8000-7950) , from there, is moving up ,after two, in between, corrections of  225 and 250 points, now closed at 8610 

In the mean time, on 22nd June tweeted in my TWITTER account , the following is that embed : 

NIFTY - macro view / in case two close above 8547 may change the macro set up / otherwise 8450-8500 top out — MURUGAVEL (@murugavell) June 22, 2015

In the last two days,  it closed two consecutive days above 8547. So now, ready to move up next upside level.

Now what next ? 

Support 8550-8450
above that 
Upside Target 9030-9130

with in between resist at 8800-8850

Deep Industries Limited

DEEPIND (117.20) -  regarding this stock, On 15th  July around 6.50 P.M.  tweeted in my TWITTER account , the following is that embed :

DEEPIND (101.85) - Above 95--90 upside target 135--140 — MURUGAVEL (@murugavell) July 15, 2015

After this tweet, on 16th July , this stock did't do nothing but on yesterday (17th July 2015) it made low 95.60 and at closing it upper locked at 117.20 so now our mentioned  upside target of 135-140 intact. 
** Below is the day chart of this stock. Click the below chart to get zoom view.