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Aurobindo Pharma - Target Attacked - Evening Special Update...

AUROPHARMA (471) - Posted on 11th Nov.2013, when it was traded at 260 , "Top out 275-285 But above that Positional Upside Target 470-480". As posted, Break out happened on the last week of  Nov.2013 and today mentioned upside target of 470-480 ATTACKED (today it made high 477.75).CLICK HERE TO SEE THAT POST.
Actually, the above was a continuation post, dated 30th Sept.2013. Original break out happened at 210 in Oct.2013 itself and today it completed the Ultimate Upside Target.
So it moved up from 210 to 477,that means 127% return, that to, with in 4 months.
This kind of big opportunity, particularly in F&O Stocks, (big up move in a very short span of time)comes once in a while. 
It happened in this stock, 
Not only, I identified it, but posted here also in simple Language.
Now i want the feedback from the readers/traders of this website.
 How many of you capitalized this big up move, based on this post ?
Please send your feed back mail to :
Now what next ? 
As …