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NF (5928) - All levels are remain same :
If it not move beyond 5975-5995 (so this is resistance) (even though yesterday it made high 6002 but unable to hold so the fall ..) then expect minimum down side target 5840-5810 But in case move beyond and stays above  5975-5995,
then next in upside 6083 & 6155

Piramal Enterprises

PEL (602) - Posted here on day before yesterday (10 Dec. 2012) "Last hurdle 535-545, But trade and stays above that upside target 635-645" As posted, day before yesterday itself it broken the mentioned hurdle and till yesterday it made high 618 ( so with in two days already it moved up by Rs.73/- )  The mentioned target 635-645 is due. It seems it is readying for the mega target , and will post once it attack the above mentioned target.