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Since 29th Feb. 2016...

On 29th Feb.2016,  NIFTY came down to Lowest Low of 6826,  Since then, it is in the uptrend,  this month, went up to  Highest High of 9709,  That means, more than 40% absolute return  in less than 16 months. 
In this period, out of 1300+ active stocks,
(compare with NIFTY performance)

565 stocks underperformed / badly performed 

150 stocks equally performed / slightly better

625 stocks performed well

Out of this 625, almost 390 stocks gave more than 100%  absolute returns.We can call it them super performers. 

Out of this 390 Super performers, I covered almost, 70% of the stocks to my annual members, since March 2016. Even though not capitalized the full spread of the super performers (my experience says, it is not possible in all the cases) but almost all the best creamy portion observed and delivered to my annual members.
Of course bad performance list also there.  Being a levels/trend followers it won't hurt much when we are ready to exit, once the said levels are exceeded.
But the good…