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Triopoly on the way...


NIFTY - Double digit & above percentage move from 1998 to 2016.


50 times in 5 years that too unnoticed !

ALLSEC (as of now trading at 454) -   In Jan 2012 it made low 9 and  in Jan 2017, today, so for made high 463.90.
that means 50 times absolute return in 5 years exactly. 
Is anybody noticed during this long five years? 
The first time, found out at 40 in Aug 2015 based on Price Breakthrough and at that time, convinced the price and pattern. but ignored this stock because of the fundamental factor.  How foolish I was!  Now, realised, even though too late,  learned the valuable lesson. 

"When price speaks, follow it  and ignore all other things. Others will follow by default."

Okay, Market is a treasure,   If we search, we can find out a lot like this. search continue...
Last 10 years monthly chart 

2016 IPO listing and its performance


Applying Science To The Art Of Investing

Successful investors call investing an art, but in reality, most apply well established scientific principles to win in the market. In this short essay, we explore scientific practices and their application (wrong and right) to stock market investing. This is neither prescriptive nor comprehensive in its approach but an attempt to provoke thinking about how we manage portfolios and money. There are three scientific approaches: The approach of observation popularised by Darwin. Darwin observed things around him and came up with the theory of evolution. The approach of experiments, which entails conducting experiments to postulate theories. Newton's and Galileo's experiments on the behaviour of matter are classic examples of the use of experiments to evolve theory. The approach of imagination or thought is a third way to postulate a scientific theory. Einstein imagined the theory of relativity – it wasn’t until decades later that the science world proved Einstein's theory. In…





HAPPY NEW YEAR & NIFTY my point of view.

Like in the above background, 
we are going to see Green, Red & Yellow in NIFTY throughout the year of 2017.
 that means one more year of consolidation/congestion/sideways/volatile.

NIFTY  - macro pattern still in the uptrend.

But in the last two years ( 2015 & 2016) it was in consolidation mode and it will continue in 2017 also.

In this year of 2017, the range will be between 7200-6800  in downside and  8600-9000 in the upside.

Probably both end we will see in 2017.

In case if it violates either one of the above then we may relook the present set up until then this will be the broad range. 

Next leg of rally possible only from 2018 onwards.