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NF (5072) -
yesterday it went up to 5134 and corrected upto 5065  But one thing remain same that is, as long as hold above 5020-4990 upside target of 5160-5180 remain intact.
No need to change the levels so everything remain same :
Now the Support remain same at  5020-4990
above that already mentioned upside target  5160-5180 remain same.
But below the support, down target 4920-4890

Natco Pharma

NATCOPHARM (277) -   It moved up from 195 to 283 that to just last 8 days.
so it is  time to find out the resistance for a decent correction

Going to top out 287-297 and expect correction

Havells India

HAVELLS (437) -   Face hurdle 452-457 and expect corrrection
But 2 Consecutive close above the hurdle then marching towards big up move targets

The targets are 480-485 and afterwards 589 and ultimate 696
P.S.: So respect all the mentioned upside target levels. that means when one target reach then if stays above that level only, next upside level possible.

Gitanjali Gems

GITANJALI (342) - Hurdle 340-346
But trade and stays above that, then go up to 360-362 and
afterwards 382-388