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MINDTREE (1025) - Posted on 23rd June and said as "support 908-898 and 864-844, above that up move continue to 1060--1090"

After this post , it made lowest low 842.50 on 02nd July and 10th July  it made intra day low 831(but not closed below 864-844 level)and as on last Friday  it made high 1035

so now mentioned upside target of 1060--1090 is due


ICICIBANK (1475) -  Double topped at 1500-1520
so below that down side target 1430--1390

Hindustan Unilever

HINDUNILVR  (663) - Posted on 16th June and said as "Support 620-610 Above that  upside target 690-700  & 717-728"

After this post, it repeatedly took support at 620-610 (not one day but several days even up to 21st July and made lowest low 610.80 on 23rd June) and last Friday it made high 667.

Today Q1 result

now Target and resistance 676--689

and above that 717-728

and support remain same at 620-610

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

GLENMARK (636) - Posted on 07th April and said "Upside target 612-622 And in case trade and stays above 612-622,  then ready for another big up move  Target 735-745"

After this post, it attempted  on 02nd May (made high 641) but failed , it came down to 507 on 19th May, from there now once again,last Friday it made high 641.40 and closed above the resistance of 612-622

So now support 622-612
Above that upside target 715-735

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

DRREDDY (2744) -Posted on 02nd June and said "face resistance 2480-2520 , But trade and stays above that upside target 2715-2750"

As posted, it broken the resistance of 2480-2520 on 26th June, and already attacked the mentioned upside target of 2715-2750 on 07th July itself (made high 2759.70) ,from there corrected up to 2606 on 16th July and now once again attacked the same upside target on last Friday (made high 2771).

Now what next ? 

Resistance 2760-2800

But above that up move continue to  2910-2950


DLF (205) - Repeat once again the post dated 09th July  
Hope and support 195--190

But below that down side target  150-144

with in between support at 176--170

Crompton Greaves


Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation

BBTC  - 162) -  Support 155-150  and trade and stays above 165-170
Next upside target and Hurdle   195-200 & 210-220
But above that