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NF (5320) -  All levels remain same :
Support 5332-5302 but below that down target 5220-5200
 and afterwards ultimate 5100-5070
resistance 5394-5414 but above that upside 5500-5520.

JSW Steel

JSWSTEEL (757) -  As remined on 07th feb it moved and resisted the mentioned resistance 883 (made high 886 on 17th feb) and from there it is moveing down and yesterday made low 751
and now what next ?
now below 750-740 down move continue to 700-685


ICICIBANK (870) - As posted on 24th feb "below 910-890 down target 850-840 intact
 and below that next down target 800

Bharat Heavy Electricals

BHEL (285) - Hereafter resistance 293-297
and below 286 down target 267-257  & 248-240

Aban Offshore

ABAN (467) -  This was the post of 24th feb. "If not move beyond 505-515 down move continue to 455-435" as posted it made high 509 on 24th feb and came down to 452 on 27th feb and from there once again it moved up to 506 on 29th feb and from there it is coming down and  up to yesterday it made low 465.
now target remain same 455-435 and beyond that down move continue to 398-378

State Bank of India

SBIN (2176) - Below 2200-2185 down target 2110-2090 and afterwards 2000-1980

Reliance Infrastructure

RELINFRA (658) - Posted on 28th Feb."below 535 weak" whereas it did't break 535 and from there once again moved up and yesterday it attacked the 23rd feb post mentioned up side target of 650-660. (made high 677).
now what next ?
hereafter support exists at 640-660 If stays above that next up side target 772
In between resist at 700-720