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NIFTY - update

NIFTY (5421) -  After fallen from 5900 to 5450, it consolidated between 5450 to 5600 for the past 8 days. now it  broken the consolidation in downside. so below 5450 expect in downside 5300-5280 As said earlier upside hurdle remain same at 5600
NF (5450) -  Trade above 5474 go up to 5525-5535 & 5585-5605 trade below 5434-5424  take it down to 5360 & 5307_5265

Reliance Infrastructure

RELINFRA (585) - Trade and Stays below 580, take it down to 544-540

State Bank of India

SBIN (2415) - As said in the "Read First" in the side bar, This is one more proof. " Levels and strategy are given here. you only need ,apart from trading capital , patience and confidance to trade and earn."
1. 28th april posted here 2950 resistance expect correction as expected it resisted at 2950 and fall started....
2. on 03rd may posted here, this round ultimate down target 2470-2450 yeterday it attacked the down target and even made a low 2401
1(a). (apart from this major fall, as posted on 03rd may it supported in between at 2565 and as mentioned on 09th may it resisted the mentioned level of 2680)
now what next ?
2450-2470 become hurdle. even above this also face hurdle at 2565
2consecutive close below this level (already yesterday closed below this). further fall to 2140-2110
otherwise it going to be sideways for some time.
PS.: This kind of elaborate write up is not to impress any body but just to inform, this kind of big trades can't come everyday. that to in S…

Tata Motors

TATAMOTORS (1189) - Yesterday low of 1179 support. now in case if it trade and stays below, then, take it down to 1130-1125