NF (6088) - Repeatedly posted (from 21st Oct. on wards)here, " in between Resistance 6330-6360 and if not move beyond, ultimate down side target 5990-5960 with, in between, support at 6220-6190 & 6130-6150"

As posted, resisted at the mentioned level of 6330-6360 (made high 6383 on mahurat session) from there fall started and last week it almost came down to the mentioned support level of 5990-5960 (made low 6008) (target short fall 18 points), from there, last Thursday, moved up and resisted at 6138 (previously mentioned support now it become resist)

Now Support remain same at 5990-5960

Pull back Resistance 6130-6150 & 6190-6220

Trend reversal above that only.