Kind Attention to this Website Viewers and Traders.....

Now the mega rally is going on and we are in first leg.
 (it started in Sept. 2013 itself and  it is almost 9 months old) 

This rally seems to be continue another 3 to 5 years.
 (with then and there, give small and/or even BIG corrections).

So it will be 2013-18 Bull Rally

On that basis,here, Several stocks are posted with very big targets , Please don't think, it may be going to attack in a month time or even a year time but it may be going to attack in this Bull run.

So, Give respect all given levels. Wherever the upside target given, Each Upside Target is not only target but resistance also,  trade and close above that level only, it become support and ready for next upside target 
 and vice verse for support.

So please

Understand , Act (React) and Earn.