now the thing is 

AMTEKAUTO  (159) have three listed subsidiary ( holding % in bracket) that includes CASTEXTECH  (71%) ,  JMTAUTO (72%)  and METALFORGE (49%) 

as on 30th June 2015 the followings are the total market capital value  and its % holding value of its subsidary

CASTEXTECH  -- 6569 cr -   & 4670 Cr

JMTAUTO ---  1270 cr  &  914 Cr

METALFORG --  460 cr  &  225 Cr

so total holding value  5809  Cr. whereas AMTEKAUTO value as on 30th June --  3507 Cr 

that means , at present, as on 30th June Closing price of 159 , this stock, market capital is valued at negative value of  2302 Cr.

Now the unresolved  question is why is this kind of mismatched valuation in market ?  

market only can give answer to the above mentioned question in the coming days/weeks/months


any way 

AMTEKAUTO levels are 

Upper resistance 170--180 

Downside Support 130--120

Above the resistance or below that support expect a big movement.

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