Essar Oil

ESSAROIL (174.10) - On 16th June , wrote in my twitter and the following  is that embed

This was tweeted , when it was trading at 146 ,  after that tweet , it came down and took support at the mentioned level of 132-122 (made lowest low 127.55 on 29th June) and today it attacked the mentioned upside target of 170--180 (today it made high 177 and closed at 174).

Note : If  any stocks moved based on our opinion without any deviation, and  it gives the expected result, that to, at the shortest period of time then  it gives us immense pleasure . Of course , i have lot of pleasure  like this in my  so many stocks postings, 

And this is one among them. 

But the real pleasure will persist only when we act based on the opinion.