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After this post, on 06th Aug.2014 it broken and closed above the mentioned hurdle of 170-185 (on that date it closed at 196.40) and after that it corrected up to 183 on 08th Aug. 2014, from there it moved up and made high 258 on 09th Sept. 2014 and corrected up to 179.50 on 30th Jan 2015 and 10th Feb 2015 ( that means, our already mentioned hurdle of 170-185 becomes support) and from there it moved up 268.50 on 15th April 2015 and after a correction up to 208.50 on 28th April , now as on last Friday it made high 275.40.


Now what is in ?

Upside target  is 285--295 

But above that 

Up move continue to 328--338