Kaveri Seed Company

This is one more solid macro Opinion for a  big Target completed now. Once again it remind, Up or Down , levels will workout well , when we understand the undercurrent.

After this post, It broken the mentioned support of 735-675 on 12th Aug. 2015 ,when it was closed at 668.80, from their, fall aggravated and mentioned bottom target of 310 attacked on 30th Dec. 2015 ,when it was made low 303.65 and closed at 317.95 on that date.  From there, now  bounce back is going on, as on today it made high 390.95.

So from the mentioned break down low point of  675 to mentioned  target low point of 310 , fall of 55 % , was happened with in 4 months time frame. 


What next ? 

Now bottomed out at 310 with volume and reversal started... 

Minimum pull back target  520--560

and if trade above that 

Optimum upside target 690--740


Below chart explain even better 

(Click the below chart to get the zoom view)