Rama Steel Tubes

RAMASTEEL (91) -  This is one more stock , like MANAPPURAM, not affected the JAN & FEB 2016  meltdown.(even though, most of the mid cap , small cap & penny cap stocks crashed 40 % to 70 % from their respective high in that meltdown). It itself shows its price strength. 

In the last several months , metal sector, all over the world, is in the down trend cycle. 
Now it seems bottoming formation is making. once it bottomed out then the up trend cycle going to persist several quarters.

In that scenario, can look at the metal sector stocks for positional point of view. 
Most of the listed large and mid cap metal sector stocks  are over leveraged , so they can't generate big impact in their bottom line even if the sector turns towards the uptrend cycle. 


But this is one among the small steel tubes company (Market cap is Rs.135 Cr. only) with less leveraged and profit making. One more positive is Unpledged promoter holding is 74%

 One of the  trusted manufactures of Steel Tubes and G.I. Pipes ,under the brand name of "TTT Rama". ,was incorporated in 1974. The total installed capacity 1 Lac  MTPA.  and now further expansion is on underway as per the company reports. 


Lot of things are already initiated by this government  to develop the infrastructure by way of create smart cities covering urban areas and develop the irrigation and agriculture output  covering the rural areas. Being a steel tubes manufactures, this company will going to benefit a lot because of these developments. 

So lot of potential possibilities are there that this company may become a mid cap from the current status of small cap company over a period of time, if the management properly utilize the unfolding opportunities. 

Note : Like this , try to cover some more untapped  future potential stocks in coming days...