India along with the world

From Feb. end on wards Indian Market  is moving upwards with force. If any body, so called experts, says that, it is, because of  India Story , not only they are ignorant/innocent  but make it others also. 
The following two months chart movements of world market says so.

INDIA  - Up by 15 %


Dax   -  Up by 16 %
Dow  -  Up by 16 %
Brazil  - Up by 40 %


Click the charts below to get the zoom view.

DOW  -  market is moving up and up even though there is no any significant growth in the economy !

BRAZIL -  so many problems economically and politically but the market moved up highest among the world during this period. !!

DAX - everybody knows the euro issue but now the issue becomes the part of the life, so market is moving up.. !!!

and now, most importantly,  INDIA is moving up during this period. It is because , India is growing very fast among the world. !!!!