50 times in 5 years that too unnoticed !

ALLSEC (as of now trading at 454) -
  In Jan 2012 it made low 9 and
 in Jan 2017, today, so for made high 463.90.

that means 50 times absolute return in 5 years exactly. 

Is anybody noticed during this long five years? 

The first time, found out at 40 in Aug 2015 based on Price Breakthrough and at that time, convinced the price and pattern. but ignored this stock because of the fundamental factor. 
How foolish I was! 
Now, realised, even though too late,  learned the valuable lesson. 

"When price speaks, follow it 
and ignore all other things.
Others will follow by default."

Okay, Market is a treasure, 
 If we search, we can find out a lot like this.
search continue...


Last 10 years monthly chart