Sanwaria Agro Oils Ltd

Sanwaria Agro first came into the spotlight in 2011 when brokerage and financial services firm Motilal Oswal ranked it alongside Reliance Industries and Kotak Mahindra Bank as one of the fastest wealth creators between 2006 and 2011. 

(As reported in

BUSINESS TODAY - Edition: Dec 22, 2013)

What happened afterwards? 

In 2011, it was peaked out at 146,

 In 2016, It was bottomed out at 4

And now trading at 12+

(this month alone, so for, up by more than 50%)


Now, what price & pattern says? 

Last year bottom formed at 4 

and now broken last three years high of 12.50

Is it in revival stage now?

if so, long way to go...