Nothing but PRICE & TIME observation

VISAKAIND (410.85) 

It moved up from 188 to 413 in less than 9 months.

It has not happened in the past, more than, 10 years,
 now happened in less than 10 months.


When PRICE & TIME converge then only it happen. 


The following is the today's mail content regarding VISAKAIND to my annual members:

"Yesterday made high 413.85 (said target 410--420) 

so from 188 to 413 that means 120% absolute within 9 months 

just remembering, what was said on 30th Aug.2016, when it was @ 188

"Very much undervalued stock, 

Time has come to perform. 
Ought to be powerful."

In the last 9 months price performance proved it right.
now the market giving the value justification. 

still not matured 

trade above 410-420 target further extends to 455--465."


Can see in the below chart with our marking, how it performed in the last 9 months.


Like this, Several ideas are giving to the ANNUAL MEMBERS 
I don't think that these are all made possible because of my knowledge (maybe, several years of my price observation helped me).

But these are all made possible because

 now, THE MARKET is performing. 

When it perform, we can identify and we can use.  

In the market, PRICE & TIME are very much important that is the lesson which I am learning in the past several years. (still, I am learning)