BOMDYEING - Fast and Furious.

BOMDYEING (156.35) 
 Identified only on 28th Aug. 
and thought that 96 become an EDGE, 
It worked out. Fast and furious.

With in 9 trading session from 96 to 161, 
that means ~ 66% absolute return. 

Now entered the next orbit, 

Yeh Sheyar Maange More!

but, now, the entry edge also for away. 

Enter at the entry EDGE is more important. 


All the stocks can not perform in all the time. 

Almost every stock give its best in their life cycle in a particular period only. 

Hold a stock, 
for a long  time of its non-performing period, 
does not matter,
but whether hold it or not
 when it performs is the matter 



Being associated with me, Whether you will make money or not, time will tell, I can only assure you that you can understand how to approach a stock and when to approach a stock and what are all the edges in the stock.