Graphite Electrodes - It is Hot now but identified in Jan & June itself.

Graphite electrodes manufacturing companies are the hot theme now but these are all already moved up 3 to 4 X in this year itself. Most of the market participants talking about it now.

but as for as GRAPHITE INDIA concerned, identified on 09th Jan 2017 itself,  when it was trading at the first and formidable entry edge of the 90+ level 

Below is the first email content
 dated 09th Jan 2017 

and after the above email, already 3 to 4 follow-up extended targets given, including the latest one on 14th Sept. with a  target of 325 which was also met on 15th Sept itself. 



 As for as HEG concerned, identified on 22nd June 2017 only when it was trading at the first and formidable entry edge of the 300+ level 
(but at that time itself, already, it was moved up almost 100 % from Jan 2017 low of 150),

Below is the email content
 dated 22nd June 2017 

(here, purposely erased the ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET) 

as on last Friday, it was upper locked at 819.40
still, the said ULTIMATE is due (eventually it will come).

Map of  HEG

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