JBMA - almost 100% within 21 sessions, possible when understand the EDGE.

JBM (575.50) 

 Identified when it was at 286 on 05th July 

and said above 300 up move will start

on 06th July, itself, it crossed 300
 and went up to 388 on 07th July 

But corrected up to 301.50 on 11th Aug. 
(once again supported the entry edge)

from there, within 21 trading sessions, 
yesterday made high 593

that means almost 100%,
that too, within 21 sessions. 

When understanding the EDGE, 

not only big return,
 sometimes, so quick also

this stock is  just one among them

(cannot expect in the all stocks in all the time) 



Holding a stock, 
for a long  time of its non-performing period, 
does not matter,
but  whether hold it or not
 while it performs, is