NIFTY - A decade from its bottom edge, now What next?

NIFTY (10167) - 

Normally, update the NIFTY,
 whenever at a crucial juncture, 
It may be micro or macro.
 so far, here itself, updated more than 200 times
 in the last 11 years
Out of them, the best post ever was posted
 on 27th January 2008
Till now, that was the best among them. 

It was posted with the title 

(click the above link to see that post)

and the expected level was attained on Oct.2008 


From  Oct 2008 bottom edge of 2252 

  Oct 2017 now   at 10191

That is History 

now, where are we?

The  present Uptrend started from Aug. 2013 

and still, going on...

At some stage, it will be going to top out 

and downtrend will start

Now, the Trillion dollar question is 
"When will it?" 

I hope that this time also I can identify the top out  edge  at an appropriate time

 and will proclaim,
 but this time, it will not be in the public domain but in private.

Let us wait. 


By the by, below image is the content of the latest micro pattern view of NIFTY dated 27th Sep.